March 25, 2017

Episode 09: Confrontation

Last time on Heroes Not Included, the party learned why the Giants were rampaging and the weather had finally cleared for their quest. But soon they were happened upon by a Frost Giant and it's White Wolf. Will Eobard's illusion be enough to hide our heroes? Will Ja'Dor be able to take out both a giant and a large wolf alone? Find out in Episode 09: Confrontation.

Heroes Not Included is made possible by our community and our awesome patrons like Tevye Schmidt! 


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March 18, 2017

Episode 08: The Descent

We last left our heroes in the Goliath Village with Ja'Dor and the rest of his clan. What awaits them on the next leg of their journey North to Bryn Shander? Find out in Episode 08: The Descent. 

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Our heroes have finally reached the end of their climb. What will they encounter among Ja'Dor and his people? Where will they be going next? Find out in Episode 07: Among the Goliaths. 

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March 4, 2017

Episode 06: The Climb

We last left our heroes in a lurch! Will they be able to defeat the horrible evil sludge? Will they finally get back on track with their journey North? Find out in Episode 06, The Climb. 

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