July 12, 2018

Episode 64: Filthy Fisticuffs

The party has found their way into the underground of Plague-Mort in pursuit of a Tiefling sorcerer. But dangers lurk in the dark. Will the team make it beyond the sewage filled warrens to find answers? Find out in Epsiode 64: Filthy Fisticuffs. 


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Some of the soundtrack in today's episode came from freesound.org and the Free Music Archive:  

  • Flashback by Monplaisir / Public Domain
  • Travelling In Your Mind by Loyalty Freak Music / Public Domain
  • Fight Run Breath Deeply by Komiku / Public Domain
  • Decisive battle with the childhood friend by Komiku / Public Domain
  • Decisive Move by Komiku / Public Domain
  • Punch sounds collection by homeboylp
  • Large splashes by cgeffex
  • skyrim healing - cyberkinetic films
  • attack sword - joel audio sfx
  • shield bash impact - hybrid-v
  • hard kick to gut no effects only mixing - eflexthesounddesigner
  • Fireball cast - liamg-sfx
  • Celery biting chewing - alienistcog
  • Knife stab - mixedupmoviestuff
  • Satyrs - thanvannispen
  • Clank2 - markgia
  • Magic strike - aleks41
  • Sea wave - metaepitome


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