March 27, 2019

Episode 92: Sweeping the Streets

Guunesh has been recruited to help protect the Dung-Sweepers since the city is proving to be a bit too rowdy at the moment with the roiling gang war between the Xans and the Zents, which means the rest of the crew will come along for the fun. What kind of trouble will they stir up with their presence? Find out in Episode 92: Sweeping the Streets. 

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Most of our soundtrack is from Chez Monplaisir under their various projects:  


• Travelling In Your Mind - Loyalty Freak Music

• Four Years - Monplaisir

• A F*cking Tribute to the Mysticism of your F*cking Sound - Alpha Hydrae

• Ghost Surf Rock - Loyalty Freak Music

• Brotherhood - Monplaisir

• Get Ready - Komiku



Other Sounds from FreeSound.Org:

• fireball cast 3 - liamg sfx

• shield bash impact - hybrid-v

• magic strike 24b - aleks41

• arrow damage - braqoon

• knife stab - mixed up movie stuff

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