October 30, 2019

Episode 117: The Pink Flumph

Brick's quest was brought to an abrupt end, or has it? Find out what happens next in Episode 117: The Pink Flumph. 

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Most of our soundtrack is from Chez Monplaisir under their various projects:  


• Travelling In Your Mind - Loyalty Freak Music

• An anarchist utopia - Komiku

• Filthy - Komiku

• Get Ready - Komiku

• Friends and Apples - Alpha Hydrae

• Remember This Shadow - Komiku


• Run run run again again again- Monplaisir

• A really dark alley - Loyalty Freak Music


Other Sounds from FreeSound.Org and elsewhere:

• magic strike 24b - aleks41

• sfx magic - renatalmar

• Tomb door open stone scrape - kinoton

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