May 20, 2017

Episode 16: A Giant Problem

Our heroes were left investigating a tower that appeared to contain a giant. What is it doing here and what will happen when Ja'Dor Giant-Killer gets inside? What other things await our heroes on the way to Silverymoon? Find out in Episode 16: A Giant Problem. 

This episode of Heroes Not Included was brought to you by the patronage of Josh HettelTevye Schmidt and Chris Grgich! If you like the podcast and want to become a patron, please see our Patreon page.

Some of the sounds in today's episode came from and the Free Music Archive

  • plagasul - arpeggio5lop
  • Thirsk - 145-pizzicati-strings-loop
  • inspectorj - voice request 20 somebody call security
  • speedenza - tomorrow voice
  • jacobalcook - creature roar
  • felix blume - impact on a window
  • paul368 - melee weapon hit with male moan body fall
  • homeboylp - punch sounds collection
  • braqoon - arrow damage
  • eflexthesounddesigner - hard punch to gut no effects only mixing
  • adam n - body fall
  • halleck - whooshes high 
  • johnsonbrandediting - human male scream multi
  • liamg sfx - fireball cast 
  • halleck - neck crack
  • Quelques rues sombres by by Komiku / Public Domain
  • de l’herbe sous les pieds by Komiku / Public Domain
  • Fight run breathe deeply by Komiku / Public Domain

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