November 15, 2017

Episode 37: Anauroch

We left the party having doubled in size with the addition of King Hekaton and his personal bodyguards. Despite having done virtually zero prep work for such an excursion, the team seems intent on going dragon hunting. Will they find their prize ready and waiting? or will they somehow manage to catch Imrith off guard? Find out in Episode 37: Anauroch. 

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Some of the sounds in today's episode came from and the Free Music Archive

  • arpeggio5lop by plagasul
  • My hobby destroy the universe why by Komiku / Public Domain
  • Fouler l’horizon by Komiku / Public Domain
  • I by Monplaisir / Public Domain
  • The Water Embers by Art of Escapism / CC BY NC
  • Un dsert by Komiku / Public Domain
  • large splashes - cgeffex
  • fireball cast 3 - liamg sfx
  • dragon roar 24b - joelaudio
  • hard kick to gut no effects only mixing - eflexthesounddesigner
  • axe stab in then removal mixed - eflexthesounddesigner
  • kung fu punches - project trident
  • scratch in cardboard or wood aiff - kd jack
  • turning back air woosh - robinhood76
  • knife stabbed in chest melee 3 mixed - eflexthesounddesigner
  • shield bash impact - hybrid v
  • impact on a window - felix blume
  • cutting through rope - simonjeffery13

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