May 16, 2018

Episode 59: Season Three Finale Part Two

The party is still stuck on the plane of Carceri, in pursuit of a Dwarven Mage. Even though the Magnificent Mansion was a welcome respite, they must press on. What awaits them at the Temple of Titan? Find out in Episode 59: Season Three Finale Part Two. 


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Some of the soundtrack in today's episode came from and the Free Music Archive:  

  • Listening by Monplaisir / Public Domain
  • Gotcha by Alpha Hydrae / Public Domain
  • Path to Jotnheim by Tri-Tachyon
  • It's never too late for sidequests by Komiku / Public Domain
  • DJ Vu by Monplaisir / Public Domain
  • One by Cebuana
  • Egyptian Ghost Singing by Killbaybee
  • desert wind 1 final - nageor
  • Complete chime by FoolBoyMedia
  • low robotic sound by jomellejager

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