July 1, 2017

Season 2 Premiere: Moongleam Tower

We return to our adventurers as they arrive in Everlund, en route to the Moongleam Tower, at the invitation of its Lord, Crowen Valharrow. Having found little information in Silverymoon, the mysterious message is the thin thread the group has to follow in pursuit of the missing Hekaton, King of all Giants. Will Lord Valharrow hold more secrets than the leadership thus far encountered? Find out in our Season 2 Premiere, Episode 18: Moongleam Tower! 

This episode of Heroes Not Included was brought to you by the patronage of Tevye Schmidt, Chris Grgich, and Josh Hettel! If you like the podcast and want to become a patron, please see our Patreon page.

Some of the sounds in today's episode came from freesounds.org and the Free Music Archive

  • plagasul - arpeggio5lop
  • eerie wind 001 - DW Ambiance
  • grunts - mattgarkusha
  • satyrs - thanvannispen
  • dark guitar - ShadyDave
  • La Citadelle by Komiku / Public Domain
  • Something to Save by Komiku / Public Domain
  • Fight, Run, Breathe Deeply by Komiku / Public Domain

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